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Tamper Proof Irrigation Metering – We’ve been doing it for years!

It’s timely to remind the industry that our Emflux Flow meters are renowned for their robust, tamper proof design and reliable operation. We’ve been serving the irrigation industry across Australia for well over 35 years with the following achievements: 25,000 +   Remote Irrigation Metering Sites 10,000 +   Sites equipped with automated water control gates 5,000 +     Connected to remote data telemetry systems 10,000 +   Manual Read Installations 99%             Uptime Data Recovery from Installed Base Here’s how we can help: Supply drop in replacement for non-compliant or unreliable mechanical, or doppler style water meters Ensure tamper proof accurate metering Provide remote … Read More

Showcasing our Irrigation Control capabilities at Fieldays 2017

Aquamonix teamed up with our partners at Precision Farming to showcase our Irrigation Control and Monitoring capabilities at the NZ Agricultural Fieldays 2017 exhibition.  Fieldays is a massive 4-day event, which attracted over 100,000 visitors and was hosted at the Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton. Based in NZ, Precision Farming are the leaders in automated reporting of fertiliser applications and compliance.  Dispersal of effluent on dairy farms is a newly introduced compliance metric, to ensure effluent is spread evenly and routinely to prevent runoff events or leaching. The Aquamonix Emflux electromagnetic flow meters and Hybrid Control units are being teamed up with Precision Farming’s GPS technology to trace the movements … Read More

GreenSpan’s New and Improved Turbidity Head Has Arrived!

Our Aquamonix GreenSpan team have introduced a new and improved turbidity head onto the GreenSpan sensors range. The new turbidity head will be available from the 1st of July on all turbidity sensors (both our MP47/65 & TS1000 variations) and features some of the following improvements: Increased accuracy on turbidity readings Increased temperature stability Improved optics The ability to order customer ranges from 10NTU up to 5000NTU, allowing for integration into a wider range of applications Read out full Innovation Announcement here Further enquiries can be directed to: Kye Ridley-Smith GreenSpan Sensors Engineer 1300 797 246

Mitigating Flood Risk? Aquamonix has the Answers!

Our Aquamonix Integration team are the specialists in designing, installing and maintaining complete monitoring, alerting and control solutions.We are constantly pushing the boundaries for new applications to apply our expertise. Here’s a fitting example of an installation we completed for a client developing an apartment building situated alongside the Parramatta River in Sydney.  Due to the elevated risk of public and property damage in a flood event, a robust flood warning system was incorporated into the design and construct stage of the project. The system features a water level monitoring and telemetry station in the river which communicates back to a dedicated controller in each of the three apartment buildings.  … Read More

Helping Hay to Deliver Smart Water

In Dec 2016, Hay Private Irrigation District (PID) engaged Aquamonix to design, supply and commission a fully automated water delivery system for the district’s 112 farm water outlet points.  The system uses intelligent water ordering and billing software which integrates with a range of Aquamonix manufactured equipment.  Upon completion, the system will ultimately help our customer to deliver water in a modern and efficient manner. Key features of the system include: Two way communications to the districts irrigation outlet points to receive inputs from a water meter, and control to a delivery valve. Integration of pump controllers for system management and communication of system warnings. The ability to accept external … Read More

Custom Flowmeter for Africa

Custom Flowmeter for Africa

Aquamonix have just recently completed manufacture of a DN900 custom flowmeter for supply to a specialty mineral mine in Africa.  The meter is designed for measurement of the flow of a very acidic slurry and hence it carries a 20 mm thick linatex lining. This customer continues to return to Aquamonix for the replacement of these meters because we are able to supply in a short timeframe and our solution offers the best value and life for their application.  We are working with the mine’s partner – Pentair Valves and Controls to make this happen. This is another example of Aquamonix being able to engineer a custom flowmeter design to … Read More

Glen Klinberg Joins the Team

  Following the recent acquisition of the Pentair Environmental Systems (Greenspan) Integrated Projects business, we are happy to welcome Glen Klinberg to the team. Heading up the Aquamonix Integrated Solutions (AIS) team in Brisbane, Glen is considered an old hand within the water and environmental monitoring industry, with 20 plus years’ experience to share amongst his new team. Glen joins us from Prospect Environmental and boasts an impressive portfolio of business success.  His experience and achievements, particularly in the flood and hydrographic monitoring markets, are a great fit for the Aquamonix business and we’re sure our customers will think so, too! Glen will initially work closely with the senior lead … Read More

Welcome Aboard Aquamonix Integrated Solutions!

You’ll notice we have been quiet on the news front for the last few months… that’s because we have been busy settling in with our latest addition to the Aquamonix family. We are all very excited to announce the recent acquisition of Pentair Environmental Systems (Greenspan) Integrated Projects business. November 1st 2016, marked the day that Aquamonix welcomed a team of new staff members, customers and suppliers to the fold.  The Pentair/Greenspan group are well known within the water industry for providing high quality water and environmental monitoring solutions to clients in a variety of markets including oil and gas, mining resources, flood warning and compliance monitoring. With the main … Read More