SYDNEY (AUS) – Aquamonix and Lincoln Agritech combine to launch innovative nitrate sensor in Australia

Aquamonix is proud to announce that from March 1st 2018 we have entered into a distribution agreement with Lincoln Agritech NZ for the sole distribution rights in Australia of Hydrometrics standalone Nitrate sensor. Optical Ground Water Nitrate Sensor Many countries around the world are in the process of adopting nitrate caps via nitrogen discharge allowances to manage nitrate losses into freshwater bodies and groundwater drinking supplies from agricultural production. Current approaches are principally based on modelling, rather than direct measurement of nitrate losses, as options such as regular physical sampling or real-time sensors are too expensive to be scalable. To address this, our Nitrate sensor provides a low-cost sensor capable of … Read More

RainMAN Control System in action!

This weekend saw the final of three Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) cricket matches hosted at the City of Swan’s Lilac Hill Park, a venue that is famous for its international standard cricket facilities, The Lilac Hill site comprises of three ovals and a large open park and picnic area nestled on the bank of the beautiful Swan River.   The site is connected to the City of Swan’s RainMAN Central Control System and uses the latest TWiN decoder technology to manage the total greenspace irrigation requirements, including the park area, playing surfaces and turf wickets. Water and energy usage for the site is also monitored and reported using the … Read More


Aquamonix is pleased to announce that it has acquired Tonick Watering, a manufacturer of irrigation products based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK.  This represents the 3rd acquisition in three years by Aquamonix which supports the continued growth of Aquamonix in the water industry.  In particular, Aquamonix is excited by the opportunities represented in irrigation automation and the possibilities that the internet of things will bring to this space. About Tonick Watering Founded in 1996 by Tony Ware to produce innovative control products for the irrigation sector, the company now designs and manufactures innovative decoders to provide superior performance and reliability.  Tonick Watering is now widely recognised as an innovator and manufacturer … Read More

GreenSpan Cable Moulding Improvements

 After the successful implementation of a new cable mould design in 2013 that saw improvements to the strength and long-term life of the cable mould, GreenSpan has made further improvements to the cable moulding. While the design has remained the same due to its proven track record, GreesnSpan has partnered with a subsea equipment and service provider who specialise in deep sea underwater applications, to make a number of improvements to the cable mould tool and cable moulding process. The attached Innovation Announcement details the improvements we have implemented.  GreenSpan are very pleased with the results and are committed to ensuring the sensor product lines evolve and continue to be … Read More

Aquamonix to play a key role in Darlington Bridge move

Our Aquamonix Integrated Solutions team are gearing up to take part in one of their most complex projects to date. The $620 million Darlington Upgrade Project is another import ant stage in the delivery of Adelaide’s North South Corridor. One of the key elements of this project is the construction of two 180m-long, 3000 tonne bridges which have been built “off-site” and will be transported and manoeuvred into their final position via Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs). This method of bridge construction is common place throughout Europe and the Americas however, Australia has never used SPMTs in the Infrastructure sector before to install a fully completed structure. This is an innovative and exciting milestone for the state and … Read More

The Aquamonix of Things comes to life in Dubai!

Aquamonix is excited to share our first commercial AquaSphere installation using the new RainWAN nodes. Our UAE distributor, Mahamoud Ramadan from Gulf Water Management Solutions specified our technology into the technology hub Silicon Park, established by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, in the United Arab Emirates. The park spans an area of 150,000 square metres and is set to become the first smart city project to take shape at Dubai Silicon Oasis.  Due for completion in 2019, the park has been designed to comply with the Dubai Government’s strategic smart city direction and will offer commercial and residential spaces with an innovative edge. Aligned with the smart city’s initiative, the … Read More

IOT irrigation control

LoRa RainWAN irrigation system launch

Aquamonix brings the Internet of things to life! The Aquamonix team this week celebrated the release of our exciting NEW RainWAN Wireless Control & Monitoring technology for irrigation applications. The Aquamonix Control Solutions engineering team lead by Daniel Deluca and starring our Radio Engineer Jason Schoch and Systems Engineer Suruchi Bapat delivered the new technology from the concept stage, through to a ready for production prototype in record time, with a version ready to ship to our first project in the prestigious Dubai Silicon Oasis precinct in the UAE next month. The RainWAN technology from Aquamonix is a significant innovation in wireless control and monitoring.  It is suitable for a … Read More

How to Maximise your sensor’s life

Here are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your GreensSpan Sensor Sensible Site Installations It is important to ensure that the installation of a sensor on site is suitable and considers some of the following factors: The location of the sensor should be easily accessible, suitable for accurate readings and protected from external damage (from debris in the water etc.). pH & ORP electrodes should not be installed in locations where they will sit dry (electrodes deplete at a vastly accelerated rate when dry). Turbidity sensors should not be set to wipe if they are dry as this could scratch the … Read More

Innovation Announcements

New and Improved Turbidity Head July 1 saw the release of our new and improved turbidity head.  The new head has been designed and developed in Australia for use on all GreenSpan turbidity sensors (both the TS1000 and MP47/65 variations). New Features include; New Optics design allowing for: Highly accurate measurements Increased temperature stability Increased range offering between 10NTU & 5000NTU From the 1st of July 2017, all turbidity sensors will be supplied with the new turbidity head. This will result in a 17mm increase to the overall sensor length to make way for the new optics. Cables that stand the test of time After the successful implementation of a … Read More

Say Hello to our best seller

GreenSpan’s PS7000 is easily our bestselling unit. It’s small 22.5mm diameter and wide selection of standard depth ranges make it ideal for most level monitoring applications. Features Loop powered – battery or solar Broad range of outputs – 4-20mA, 0-2.5VDC, RS232 and SDI-12 1% FS accuracy for pressure Temperature Output via RS232 Field re-ranging and calibration User inputs for fluid density and local gravity Double O-ring design and moulded cable gland ½” diameter ceramic capacitance transducer Slim line body (22.5 mm) Long term stability better than 0.2% per annum Optional adapter for SDI-12 output Optional threaded fitting for process connection Manufactured in our Sydney plant with a fast lead time … Read More

Meet the Greenspan Team

Each issue we’ll introduce you to one of our talented team members that are here to help and support you.  We are proud of the team we have built and can safely say we have some of the best talent in the industry. Meet our resident Mechatronics Engineer – Kye Ridley-Smith.  Kye graduated from the University of Sydney with First Class Honours. Kye provides Product Development and Engineering support to the Aquamonix business with a focus on sensors and flow meters. Kye is experienced in his field of expertise.  Before joining Aquamonix, he worked with Goodman Fielder at their Erskine Park site, where he managed a number of major equipment … Read More

G’day from Greenspan

Welcome to the first of our Aquamonix quarterly newsletters. For those of you whom we haven’t touched base with lately –  G’day and welcome back!  If Aquamonix is new to you, please read on – you’ll get a snippet of who we are and what we are about. Our motto is Measure, Monitor, Master – and quite simply, “We aim to make it easier to manage and measure the use and quality of Australia’s water, using our experience, proven technology and an innovative customer focused approach” This edition will focus on our GreenSpan Sensor business unit and what has been happening in this key area of our organisation. In the … Read More

Tamper Proof Irrigation Metering – We’ve been doing it for years!

It’s timely to remind the industry that our Emflux Flow meters are renowned for their robust, tamper proof design and reliable operation. We’ve been serving the irrigation industry across Australia for well over 35 years with the following achievements: 25,000 +   Remote Irrigation Metering Sites 10,000 +   Sites equipped with automated water control gates 5,000 +     Connected to remote data telemetry systems 10,000 +   Manual Read Installations 99%             Uptime Data Recovery from Installed Base Here’s how we can help: Supply drop in replacement for non-compliant or unreliable mechanical, or doppler style water meters Ensure tamper proof accurate metering Provide remote … Read More

Products and solutions for your secure metering requirements

Secure metering, compliance and efficient water management is an issue that’s on every irrigation operator’s radar at the moment. You can download our Irrigation Operator’s Product and Solution Overview here. Aquamonix has a range of innovative products and solutions to suit a wide range of applications that will help to Measure, Monitor and Master your water management needs. These include: Smart meters and sensors to Measure: Water flow & pressure Water quality Water storage Weather & climate Soil moisture Energy Smart data gateways that use a wide array of communications to connect your sensors to the world to Monitor: Remote monitoring stations Automatic weather stations Web, cellular, radio, satellite LoRa … Read More

Showcasing our Irrigation Control capabilities at Fieldays 2017

Aquamonix teamed up with our partners at Precision Farming to showcase our Irrigation Control and Monitoring capabilities at the NZ Agricultural Fieldays 2017 exhibition.  Fieldays is a massive 4-day event, which attracted over 100,000 visitors and was hosted at the Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton. Based in NZ, Precision Farming are the leaders in automated reporting of fertiliser applications and compliance.  Dispersal of effluent on dairy farms is a newly introduced compliance metric, to ensure effluent is spread evenly and routinely to prevent runoff events or leaching. The Aquamonix Emflux electromagnetic flow meters and Hybrid Control units are being teamed up with Precision Farming’s GPS technology to trace the movements … Read More