Our Control Solutions are supplied in a modular format which allows you to design and build the system that best suits your requirements. We offer a wide range of modular options including: power input, communications, control output, and networking. Supported with a range of sensor connectivity options, the Aquamonix Control Platform is able to suit every application.


A key feature of our Control Solutions is the ability to expand as your requirements grow. As new technologies emerge, your Control Platform can be adapted and upgraded. It allows for control outputs and sensor inputs to be added to existing hardware as required, and communications or networks to be expanded when needed.


An Aquamonix Control Solution exudes versatility. It can be used across a wide range of irrigation applications, equipment control applications (including pumps, engine and injection systems), and is also suitable for use in many more complex control applications such as aquaculture, aquaponics, lighting control and asset management.


Our Aquamonix Control Solutions have been built on technology that has been refined over decades of service. We source only the best components that can handle higher operating temperatures, humid climates and a range of voltages that make our hardware tough enough to control any application, in any region.


Our solutions are fully serviceable and repairable and in most cases, our hardware can be field serviced. All of our components are fully tested and complete a rigorous quality assurance test before they are installed or shipped to our customers for use.