Mitigating Flood Risk? Aquamonix has the Answers!

Our Aquamonix Integration team are the specialists in designing, installing and maintaining complete monitoring, alerting and control solutions.We are constantly pushing the boundaries for new applications to apply our expertise.

Here’s a fitting example of an installation we completed for a client developing an apartment building situated alongside the Parramatta River in Sydney.  Due to the elevated risk of public and property damage in a flood event, a robust flood warning system was incorporated into the design and construct stage of the project.

The system features a water level monitoring and telemetry station in the river which communicates back to a dedicated controller in each of the three apartment buildings.  The system controls the operation of flood gates that, when closed, prevent floodwaters from inundating the below ground car parks.  The system also sends SMS and email alarms and notifications to the building wardens and integrates with the fire alarm systems installed in each building group.

The client can view the real-time data collected via Aquamonix’s web portal – Envault at any time.

Check out the full case study here

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