Central Control Systems

The Aquamonix Gatekeeper Central is a powerful PC or cloud based management system that provides advanced channel management, equipment control, compliance monitoring, cost reporting and user based scheduling of water delivery.

The Aquamonix GateKeeper Central is a highly developed centralized control platform that networks to the Aquamonix range of products such as,

  • Aquamonix GateKeeper (Channel Control)
  • Aquamonix APIO Controller (Pump Control)
  • Aquamonix Web Logger (Wireless Data Logger)
  • Aquamonix Hybrid Controller (On Farm Irrigation)
  • Aquamonix Emflux Electromagnetic Water Meter
  • Aquamonix Water Quality Sensors (Level, EC, DO, Turbidity….)

Much of Australia’s irrigation system is made up of earthen gravity channels with flows managed manually using drop-bar regulators. Water is supplied to service points on properties via mechanical meter wheels. This system of irrigation is highly inefficient with one third of the water releases from storages lost to outfalls, leakage, evaporation and inaccurate metering.

Efficient management of water is critical for the future of irrigated agriculture as climate change and ongoing drought reduces the amount of available water

With the Gatekeeper FlowManager module, the system automatically coordinates and controls the operation of gates throughout the channel network to ensure water is delivered at the required location on time improving overall system efficiency and saving you money.