EC250 Electrical Conductivity Sensor

The EC250 Electrical Conductivity Sensor provides highly accurate conductivity measurements in a wide range of hydrological applications.

Exceptional reliability and chemical resistance are guaranteed by the state of the art toroidal measuring system. Advanced microprocessor technology provides highly accurate temperature compensated measurements.

The sensor is ideal for use in a wide range of monitoring and environmental projects. A durable corrosion resistant body and double O-ring sealing ensures suitability for harsh environment applications. The sensor comes fitted with a moulded polyurethane cable, which is available in a variety of standard lengths.


  • Toroidal sensing technology eliminates electrode corrosion effects guaranteeing long life and reduced field service
  • On-board temperature measurement and microprocessor controlled temperature compensation and linearization ensure highly accurate readings in demanding conditions
  • Separate conductivity and temperature outputs
  • Raw conductivity or on-board normalisation of conductivity to 25°C


  • Operation on remote power source for long periods
  • High reliability means critical measurements are not lost through sensor down time
  • Low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance
  • Ease of use and long term reliability

Standard EC ranges available: 0–1000 μS/cm, 0–2000 μS/cm, 0–5000 μS/cm, 0–10000 μS/cm, 0–20000 μS/cm, 0–60000 μS/cm & 0–70000 μS/cm. Other ranges are available to order.

Sensor output: EC: 4–20 mA or 0–2.5 V DC

Power Supply: 8–27 V DC

Communications: Bare wire

Dimensions (L x OD) Length 561.5 mm (22.11″ × 2.57″) OD 63.5 mm (Stainless Steel or Acetal)

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