EC250 Electrical Conductivity Sensor

The EC250 Electrical Conductivity Sensor provides highly accurate conductivity measurements in a wide range of hydrological applications.


  • Toroidal sensing technology eliminates electrode corrosion effects guaranteeing long life and reduced field service
  • On-board temperature measurement and microprocessor controlled temperature compensation and linearization ensure highly accurate readings in demanding conditions
  • Separate conductivity and temperature outputs
  • Raw conductivity or on-board normalisation of conductivity to 25°C


  • Operation on remote power source for long periods
  • High reliability means critical measurements are not lost through sensor down time
  • Low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance
  • Ease of use and long term reliability

Standard EC ranges available: 0–1000 μS/cm, 0–2000 μS/cm, 0–5000 μS/cm, 0–10000 μS/cm, 0–20000 μS/cm, 0–60000 μS/cm & 0–70000 μS/cm. Other ranges are available to order.

Sensor output: EC: 4–20 mA or 0–2.5 V DC

Power Supply: 8–27 V DC

Communications: Bare wire

Dimensions (L x OD) Length 561.5 mm (22.11″ × 2.57″) OD 63.5 mm (Stainless Steel or Acetal)

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