The i500 Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a no compromises, high accuracy, high capability,
bullet-proof water and wastewater measurement device.



  • Uses the well proven electromagnetic method of measurement.
  • Enhanced diagnostic and alarm functions.
  • Removable SD card allowing upgrade of transmitter.
  • Large multi-line LCD display.
  • USB serial connection to PC for configuration via Magmate™
  • User configurable digital frequency and pulse outputs.
  • Full serial MODBUS multidrop support.
  • 3x expansion slots allowing additional IO.
  • Serial support for modems, RTUs and PLCs.
  • Concealed mounting bolts for sunshield and inner enclosure.
  • Tamperproof design with lockable door.
  • Australian EMC compliance.


  • Exchangeable with existing flow meter installations – just swap the door, enter the site information and site is operational.
  • MODBUS addressing backwards-compatible with I300 meter.
  • Designed to integrate with RTU allowing remote reading and triggering of flow measurement.
  • Requires USB Security Dongle and passcode to access Flowmeter menu screen.
  • Ability to control frequency and current outputs to drive a wide variety of flow tubes.
  • Print comprehensive meter reports using Magmate™
  • View and update Flowmeter settings in real time using Magmate™

Flow Velocity Range: 0.01 to 10.00 metres per second

Linearity: ±0.005%

Accuracy: Better than ±0.05% of indicated flow rate, or ±1mm/s.

Full Scale flow rate: Programmable

Low flow cutoff: programmable from 0 to 10% of full scale flow rate.

Flow channels: Flow velocity, Flow rate, Mass Flow

Totalised Channels:

Total volumetric flow: Forwards, Reverse, Peak / Off-peak, Year to date.

Totaliser units:

Litres, Kilolitres, Megalitres, Gigalitres
Imperial and US Gallons, Imperial mega-gallons and others
User programmable unit conversion factor

Flow time units: Seconds, Hours, Days

Flow simulation modes:

Simulated DC current out
Simulated flow rate on meter front LCD.

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