The i500 Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a no compromises, high accuracy, high capability, bullet-proof water and wastewater measurement device. It complies with the new Australian Standard AS/NZS 4747:2013 – Meters for Non-Urban Water Supply. It is a fully pattern approved instrument from DN50 to DN600. The meter will meet the demanding requirements for accurate metering of irrigation supplies but is equally at home in other water supply applications including urban water (recycled water, distribution network and revenue monitoring), mining and environmental monitoring.



  • Uses the well proven electromagnetic method of measurement.
  • Enhanced diagnostic and alarm functions.
  • Removable SD card allowing upgrade of transmitter.
  • Large multi-line LCD display.
  • USB serial connection to PC for configuration via Magmate™
  • User configurable digital frequency and pulse outputs.
  • Full serial MODBUS multidrop support.
  • 3x expansion slots allowing additional IO.
  • Serial support for modems, RTUs and PLCs.
  • Concealed mounting bolts for sunshield and inner enclosure.
  • Tamperproof design with lockable door.
  • Australian EMC compliance.


  • Exchangeable with existing flow meter installations – just swap the door, enter the site information and site is operational.
  • MODBUS addressing backwards-compatible with I300 meter.
  • Designed to integrate with RTU allowing remote reading and triggering of flow measurement.
  • Requires USB Security Dongle and passcode to access Flowmeter menu screen.
  • Ability to control frequency and current outputs to drive a wide variety of flow tubes.
  • Print comprehensive meter reports using Magmate™
  • View and update Flowmeter settings in real time using Magmate™

Flow Velocity Range: 0.01 to 10.00 metres per second

Linearity: ±0.005%

Accuracy: Better than ±0.05% of indicated flow rate, or ±1mm/s.

Full Scale flow rate: Programmable

Low flow cutoff: programmable from 0 to 10% of full scale flow rate.

Flow channels: Flow velocity, Flow rate, Mass Flow

Totalised Channels:

Total volumetric flow: Forwards, Reverse, Peak / Off-peak, Year to date.

Totaliser units:

Litres, Kilolitres, Megalitres, Gigalitres
Imperial and US Gallons, Imperial mega-gallons and others
User programmable unit conversion factor

Flow time units: Seconds, Hours, Days

Flow simulation modes:

Simulated DC current out
Simulated flow rate on meter front LCD.

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