PH1000 pH Sensor

The PH1000 is a fully submersible sensor, well proven to withstand harsh field conditions. The sensor requires a low voltage power supply and provides a calibrated 4–20 mA output. Designed with input and support from real users, the PH1000 is a rugged sensor that is also easy to service and clean in the field.

The sensor features a field replaceable, gel filled pH electrode. The electrode’s reference is protected by a special porous PTFE ring which is impregnated with a special conductive gel. The protection ring prevents chemical or biological fouling from reaching the reference, extending the life of the combination electrode. At the end of its life, the electrode can be replaced by the user in the field without the need to return the sensor to the factory.

The PH1000 sensor comes fitted with a moulded polyurethane cable.


  • Field replaceable, gel-filled pH electrode
  • Innovative replaceable reference protection ring
  • Robust, easy clean design
  • Optically isolated signal conditioning electronics
  • Low power energy saving design enables long-term remote operation


  • Rugged electrode design provides unparalleled remote operations
  • Operation on remote power source for long periods
  • High reliability means critical measurements are not lost through sensor down time
  • Minimal field servicing and reduced field visits
  • Electrode field replacement to maintain continuous accurate readings

Measurement Technique: Gel-filled glass electrode with internal Ag/AgCl reference, Field Replaceable electrode

Sensor range (factory calibrated): 0–14 pH (4 mA = 0 pH, 20 mA = 14 pH)

Sensor output: Analogue 4-20 mA

Power Supply: 11-13.2V DC

Dimensions (L x OD) 364.5 mm × 47 mm (14.35″ × 1.85″)

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