RIC Radio Remote Control

The RiC Module (Remote Irrigation Controller) is a reliable solar powered, wireless system that can be used as an extension to an Aquamonix Hybrid Controller or networked to the Aquamonix Central Control System.

The RiC Module is a networked satellite module that uses solar power to operate DC Latching outputs, to operate valves, or relays to start/stop pumps and engines.

The Aquamonix RiC uses a spread spectrum, licence free radio bandwidth, providing a stable communications network. Each RiC can be configured as a Base, Repeater or Satellite unit allowing long distances to be covered and multiple network clusters established.



  • Solar Powered
  • 8 Latching Outputs
  • 2 Pulse Inputs
  • Frequency Hopping Radio 


  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Easy to Use
  • Long term reliability

Solar Input Voltage: 0-30 VDC

Battery Input Voltage: 415 VDC

Minimum Charge Voltage: 16.5 VDC

Digital Outputs: 12VDC Latching

Range: Up to 5km point to point

Operating Temperature: -20-60°C

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