Twin Decoder Controller

Aquamonix’s TWiN Controller (Two Wire Irrigation Network) is a versatile decoder based control system, that utilizes a two wire path and can be stand alone or networked to the Aquamonix Central Control System.

The Aquamonix TWiN Controller allows for a range of power input options, so that larger transformers can be used to extend the maximum length of cable runs.   It also allows for multiple output methods to support direct connection to valves, pump start or master valves, reading flow meters, rain switches and other devices, without the need for additional decoders.

The Aquamonix TWiN Controller can be supplied in several easy to specify formats, and can also be supplied in pre-built, pre-tested Project Packs.



  • Mains Powered
  • Two Wire Input Decoders
  • Two Wire Output Decoders
  • Up to 4 two wire paths per controller
  • Up to 6 simultaneous valves per two wire path
  • 15 Irrigation Programs
  • 6 Smart Programs
  • 4 x Communications Ports
  • 96 Max Outputs
  • 40 Max Inputs
  • Two wire and multi wire compatible
  • 4-20mA Analogue Inputs
  • Pulse Counter Inputs
  • Digital Inputs
  • Multiple Mounting Options


  • Easy IO expansion on two wire path
  • Modular and Expandable
  • Central Control Compatible
  • Customizable
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Easy to Use
  • Long term reliability

Power Supply: 24VAC and 32VAC

Output Power: 24VAC (Multi-Wire) and 32VAC (Two-Wire)

Multi-Wire Outputs: Max 3A current supply

Two Wire Path: Max 1.3A current supply

Analogue Inputs: 4-20mA, loop powered of device powered

Digital Inputs: 4V up to 12mA designed for voltage free digital inputs

Pulse Inputs: support a minimum pulse width of 10ms and a maximum of 50 pulses per second Pulse

Frequency Inputs: supports a sine wave frequency range of 1 to 450Hz

Serial Ports: 232/485 selectable 15kV ESD Protected

Operating Temperature: -10-70°C

Compliance: RoHS Compliant

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