In addition to providing world class environmental solutions and products, Aquamonix integrates these offerings through their experienced service resources. Key Services we provide are: • Design and Installation • Operation and Maintenance

Web Data, Display & Analysis

Aquamonix is the leading provider of secure cloud based and local data management solutions. Our Cloud service ENVAULT features dedicated redundant servers in distributed data centres running high-end SCADA and time series database software, accessible through secure web pages, eliminating reliability, security and maintenance overheads. Our locally hosted web server solutions provide highly secure critical data solutions to meet the specific needs of government agencies, mining, industry, and environmental regulators. Aquamonix provides a complete “end to end” solution for the seamless integration of remote monitoring devices, data analysis, modelling, control and alarming. Overview Features Solution Offerings Overview For more information on using Envault and learning how it can be integrated with your … Read More

Coastal, Marine & Estuary

Marine ecosystems are one of the most fragile on the planet and can suffer environmental stresses when not effectively monitored and managed. Monitoring in these marine environments presents specific challenges including protection from climatic extremes, the need for an autonomous power supply and back to base communication systems. We work together with our customers accessing their requirements and are able to provide them with long term reliable, accurate water quality data and hydrographic information. Applications: Coastal, estuary, river, lake & dam monitoring Tidal monitoring (water depth, current velocity, wave height & direction) Pollutant monitoring and alarming including oil spills and loading incidents Early detection of algal blooms and fish kill … Read More

Mining, Energy & Industry

Aquamonix is the leading provider of remote monitoring and control systems for the resources and extractive industries. At Aquamonix, we ensure that your environmental monitoring and regulatory compliance meet industry best practice.  Our solutions can be applied to any phase of your operations, from baseline studies during exploration, monitoring and control systems during mine operating life and most importantly, specialist compliance monitoring through rehabilitation and long term site monitoring. Applications Surface Water Monitoring Systems Groundwater Monitoring Systems Ponds, Dams, and Stormwater Discharge Automatic Water Sampling Stations Climate / Weather Stations Dust Deposition, Noise monitoring Remote Telemetry and Control Solutions River, Estuary and Coastal Monitoring for Port and Harbour Activities Environmental Compliance … Read More

Surface water & Groundwater

Aquamonix is the leading provider of remote monitoring & control systems for managing the sustainable use of our most critical finite resource, water. Our team of specialists can help you understand and quantify surface and ground water supplies, and quality ensuring optimal use. Wherever water is used for consumption, or released back into natural ecosystems, Aquamonix’s experience in the monitoring of quantity, quality and availability will assist you in in achieving long term sustainability. Applications Water level, velocity and discharge determination Physical, chemical and biological water quality monitoring Automated sampling systems for detailed water quality analysis Permanent or mobile monitoring stations Direct contact wet sensors or pumped flow through non-contact systems … Read More

Rainfall Weather & Flooding-1

Aquamonix is the leading provider of remote monitoring & control systems for advanced notice of extreme weather events. Aquamonix’s Flood Early Warning Systems (FEWS) monitor rainfall, weather and river conditions in real time, delivering critical warnings enabling faster response times. Applications Monitor Remote Sites Extreme weather events: storms, cyclones, droughts Heavy rainfall, lightning detection, flash flood events Hail, snowfall, snowmelt River levels, flow velocity and discharges Stormwater, drainage and overflow events in urban areas Ocean & tidal conditions Dam levels, flood structures Flood inundation, backwater Remote cameras for visual confirmation of local conditions Communications Systems Radio (low power VHF, high power UHF & Microwave) Mobile & cellular phone networks Satellite modems … Read More