Aquamonix installs flood monitoring system for Coolmunda Dam – Inglewood, QLD

Aquamonix has been commissioned by Sunwater to install a flood monitoring system for Coolmunda dam located in Inglewood, Queensland.

Coolmunda Dam is an earth–fill embankment dam with a gated spillway constructed in 1968 across the Macintrye Brook, a tributary of the Dumaresq River. The dam wall is approximately 20m high and equipped with a set of controlled radial gates for the management of flood releases.

Irrigation and potable water supply are the main purposes of the dam. Sunwater manage the Coolmunda Dam and engaged Aquamonix to design and install an automated gate positioning system to provide highly accurate, near real-time information on gate openings.

The system was installed and commissioned in late 2017 and provides information on each of the 7 x gate positions into the Sunwater Central SCADA system via a remote communications link.

• Battery powered WiFi tilt sensors fixed on each gate
• Minimal installation works (no wiring required)
• Accurate tilt measurement to within +/- 0.05 Deg
• Vertical gate opening position calculated to +/- 10mm
• Local data logging & time stamping
• Automated reporting to SCADA System via 3G
• Automated alerting of operations staff during gate movement
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