G’day from Greenspan

Welcome to the first of our Aquamonix quarterly newsletters.

For those of you whom we haven’t touched base with lately –  G’day and welcome back!  If Aquamonix is new to you, please read on – you’ll get a snippet of who we are and what we are about.

Our motto is Measure, Monitor, Master – and quite simply,

“We aim to make it easier to manage and measure the use and quality of Australia’s water, using our experience, proven technology and an innovative customer focused approach”

This edition will focus on our GreenSpan Sensor business unit and what has been happening in this key area of our organisation.

In the lead-up to joining Aquamonix in 2015, the GreenSpan business was in a state of flux.  Previous owners, Pentair Environmental Systems, had not really invested in the business and the brand had become lost amongst the many other products Pentair was actively marketing.

GreenSpan were also settling into their new premises within the Milperra manufacturing facility – such a big move from their original establishment in Warwick.  Change coupled with a lack on investment impacted lead times and introduced minor quality issues.

We are now pleased to report that we are back on track and ready to support our loyal customers, and welcome new ones!

The GreenSpan brand is well supported by a crew of talented team members here at Aquamonix and we are excited to share some the great things we have been working on.

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