Gold Coast Qld – Flood Warning Signs

Aquamonix Integrated Systems (AIS) team are currently implementing a major upgrade to the Gold Coast early flood warning system. Automated flood warning signs are being installed on low level road crossings in the Gold Coast Hinterland to provide advance warning to motorists during extreme weather events. The new flood signs can collect data from real time water level sensors, rainfall gauges and live CCT cameras and automatically integrate all data back into the Council ITS (Intelligent Transport System). Sign activation can be operator controlled or fully automated based on data collected at the road crossings or live information collected from upstream catchment areas.

Aquamonix is providing a complete “turnkey solution” for Gold Coast City Council incorporating all site & civil works, traffic management, instrumentation, communications and final commissioning. The new warning stations will play a valuable role in protecting both local residents as well as large numbers of tourist visitors. The project will be fully operational before the start of the coming summer wet season.

Typical low level road crossing flooding casing dangerous conditions for motorists.

Aquamonix project team members Michael Hann, Chris Leech and Luke Hall prepare the concrete  foundation for a new Flood Warning Sign on Clagiraba Rd.

New automated flood Signs will warn motorists of dangerous flood conditions.

Flood warning signs

Aquamonix Solutions and the Clarence Valley Council work towards flood resilience


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The largest end-insert flowmeter ever made

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