Innovation Announcements

New and Improved Turbidity Head

July 1 saw the release of our new and improved turbidity head.  The new head has been designed and developed in Australia for use on all GreenSpan turbidity sensors (both the TS1000 and MP47/65 variations).

New Features include;

  • New Optics design allowing for:
    • Highly accurate measurements
    • Increased temperature stability
    • Increased range offering between 10NTU & 5000NTU

From the 1st of July 2017, all turbidity sensors will be supplied with the new turbidity head. This will result in a 17mm increase to the overall sensor length to make way for the new optics.

Cables that stand the test of time

After the successful implementation of a new cable mould design in 2013 that saw improvements to the strength and long-term life of the cable mould, GreenSpan has made further improvements to the cable moulding.

While the design has remained the same due to its proven track record, we have partnered with a subsea equipment and service provider who specialise in deep sea underwater applications to undertake the moulding process.

This partnership also sees the following improvements:

  • Updated the Polyurethane material to ensure the strongest bond between cable sheath and mould
  • Increased the cure time
  • Improved the tooling design

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