Mobile Flow Metering – Goulburn Murray Water, VIC

In celebration of our inclusion in Westpac’s 200 ”businesses of tomorrow”, we would like to look back at one of our recent projects!

Aquamonix has worked with Goulburn Murray Water to provide a customised flow metering solution.

Water authorities occasionally have a requirement to provide metering of remote sites where no metering infrastructure exists. Metering may be required for seasonal or infrequent irrigation applications, or for tracking flood harvesting/extraction from rivers or groundwater. Short term metering may also be required to support water auditing or compliance and investigation activities.

Aquamonix has developed a mobile flow metering system to allow rapid deployment to remote sites for the purposes of accurate metering and reporting.

The trailer system includes solar powered flow meters and associated pipework to meet pattern approval standard.

Metering data is logged on site as well as transmitted in near real time to a web portal or SCADA via the AquaGate 3G module. Status and alarm reports can be sent to operators to advise of local conditions and water movements.


• Mobile metering solution for rapid deployment

• Remote monitoring with telemetry reporting and alarms

• Suitable for pumped/gravity outlets or environmental extractions.

• Flow rates from 1ML/Day to > 50ML/Day

• Pattern approved in compliance with AS4747

Serial No 22300 (Tyrrell)_80

i500 Flowmeter Transmitter

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Aquamonix proudly welcomes the ‘City of Perth’ to the RainMAN family!

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