Water Monitoring Buoys

Explore our range of water monitoring buoys from a leading national brand. Our water monitoring buoys cover a range of applications including the coast series, the harbour series, the lake series and the pond series.

Our coastal series monitoring buoys offers a complete monitor solution in three different specialised versions to cover a range of water applications, can be used for both warm tropical waters and sub-zero temperatures.

Our harbour series monitoring buoy is a complete monitoring solution to be applied to fix platforms including jetties, piers, lighthouses, shore-side locations, channel markers and more.

Our lake series monitoring buoy is a self-powered smart buoy that can be used across many applications including lakes, rivers and coastal waters. The lake series supports both topside and subsurface environmental monitoring sensors including weather stations, wave sensors, thermistor strings, multi-parameter sondes, and other monitoring instruments.

Our pond series monitoring buoy is a self-powered smart monitoring buoy ideally suited for monitoring water quality, temperature profiling, and dissolved oxygen in small water bodies such as pond, lakes or dams.

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