The MAG-X2 features a modular design and is suitable for most applications. From the simplest manually read sites through to the most complex, it requires a highly technical solution with remote management and/or telemetry and communication.

Accurate and reliable

The MAG-X2 makes it possible to install an accurate and reliable flow meter virtually anywhere a reliable power supply is available.

  • Accuracy – ± 0.2% (0.5 – 10 m/s) of actual value
  • Temperature sensor – to measure temperature of the measured medium
  • Autocleaning – automatic electrodes cleaning
  • Transmitter has clock function for data logging

Easy to read display and remote communications

The MAG-X2 Transmitter features a graphic display and keypad for simple operation and instant access to information about 4 totalizers: total +, total -, total, aux.

  • Auto-diagnostics
  • Multi-language options (English, Spanish, Russian or Ukrainian, and other languages possible)
  • Test of excitation coils
  • Empty pipe detection
  • Zero flow adjustment
  • Flow simulator
  • Measurable media – conductive liquids
  • Full bore type, no moving parts in measuring tube
  • Inner tube is stainless steel
  • Nominal size 10-1000 mm (1/2” – 40”)
  • Maximum nominal pressure PN 40/300 psi
  • Electrodes are Hastelloy
  • Earthing through 3rd and 4th electrode, options earthing rings for plastic and lined pipe
  • Automatic electrode cleaning

The MAG-X2 allows you to customise the flow meter according to your specific application.

  • Close coupled or Remote transmitter options
  • Flange and liner options available
  • Power supply plug in modules, choose – 90 to 250VAC, 24 VDC or 12VDC
  • Output modules, 4-20Ma current loop, Pulse output module
  • Digital communication modules choose one only – RS232, RS485, USB, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, GPRS, GSM-SMS and WiFi
  • Optional pressure sensor input

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