2030 Irrigation Flowmeter

The Aquamonix 2030 Irrigation Flowmeter is designed to meet the specific requirements of open channel irrigation schemes. It is a high-performance meter for farm offtakes.

The 2030 Stainless Steel-bodied Electromagnetic Flowmeter can be paired with either solar or 240VAC electronics including the I500 and M500. The 2030 Electromagnetic Flowmeters are compatible with legacy I300 and M300 Flowmeters.

General applications:

The Irriflow uses the well proven electromagnetic method of measurement, which applies Faraday’s Law as the principle of operation. This technique features a straight through section of pipe with no obstruction to restrict flow, and no moving parts to wear or break.

Whatever your application there is an Aquamonix product to suit your requirements. Check out our documentation for more specifications of the product or click here to contact us for any queries.


  • Uses the well proven electromagnetic method of measurement
  • Typical flow accuracy better than ±0.5% of indicated flow rate
  • No moving parts
  • Wide operating range
  • Negligible pressure loss
  • Robust construction
  • Simple installation
  • Tamper proof design
  • Can be supplied in pit-mount configuration
  • Can be supplied without mounting tabs
  • Remotely mounted electronics


  • Pipe-Not-Full detection
  • Electrical Conductivity checking
  • Available with 316 stainless steel electrodes
  • Long term reliability

Note:     Detailed site installation and wiring instructions are located within the I500 Electromagnetic Flowmeter and M500 Electromagnetic Flowmeter installation and operations manuals.

Accuracy: Refer to chosen transmitter user manual (I500, M500, I300, M300).

Velocity Range: 0.01 to 10.0 metres per second.

Power supply variations: negligible effect on meter accuracy provided the supply voltage is within the rated range for the electronics.

Lining: Insulating rubber liner.

Metering tube material: 304 stainless steel.

Sizes: 350,450,470,485,600mm.

Larger or smaller sizes may be available on request.

Earthing: Earthing electrodes, Earthing discs dependent on application.

Housing: Stainless steel welded.

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