Two Wire Hybrid Decoder

The Aquamonix range of 2-Wire Decoders is marketed globally under Tonick Watering.

Our 2-wire and wireless products can be used in various industries and tailored to specific project needs. All our 2-wire decoder systems and 2-wire irrigation controllers can be applied to a wide range of applications including irrigated agriculture, commercial landscapes, water infrastructure, smart cities and golf and sports turfs.

The Hybrid decoder is an innovative solution for master valve or filter flush applications, and are designed specifically for large, complex applications.

  • A switching solenoid output
  • A multi-coloured LED that provides feedback, reducing troubleshooting time
  • An analogue voltage input
  • A digital input for pulse or frequency
  • Heavy duty, fully potted construction with the ability to be directly buried
  • Tropical Rated
  • Re-addressable – decoders can be reprogrammed numerous times using the Tonick programming tool
  • Versatile – tolerant of earth leakage in the existing cables, retrofit possible, including bunched multi-wire to make 2-wire path
  • Suitable for use with the complete Tonick BT2 twin translator family
  • Voltage supply for sensor inputs


  • True A/C system not harmful to cable and joints
  • Operating voltage 19VAC-32Vac, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Idle current (typical) – 5 mA
  • Holding current (maximum) – 300mA
  • Analogue (pressure) supply voltage of 4.4V,10mA max
  • Analogue input signal 0 to 2.5V
  • Digital (flow) supply voltage of 9V,max 15mA
  • Digital input range 0.1 to 255Hz


  • Version 1 station addresses 62, 63, 126, 127
  • Version 2 station addresses 1 through 127
  • Station address determines sensor addresses
  • Compatible with other Tonick decoders on the same 2-wire path
  • Compatible with the Tonick range of sensor decoders for moisture, pressure, water level, flow and digital inputs


  • Length: approx. 93mm (not including cables)
  • Diameter: 42mm OD
  • Fully potted to waterproof the electronics


  • Internal lightning protection
  • No grounding required along 2-wire path


  • Low smoke type 99, AWG20, stranding_ 19/0.20mm, modified polyester insulated, 600V, 300mm length. Mil Std 681

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