deVINCI 2-Wire Encoder

Introducing the innovative deVINCI 2-Wire Encoder. 2-wire technology allows for easy conversion of existing systems to allow the full benefits of a Tonick decoder system.

Tonick Watering is a global innovator of smart irrigation 2-wire and wireless control technology.

  • Converts any 24VAC multiwire irrigation controller to 2-Wire decoder system
  • Converts any device with 12-24VDC outputs to 2-Wire decoder system
  • Allows station extension to multi-wire controllers without trenching back
  • Needs single grounding point only
  • Works with any brand of controller
  • Suits deVINCI landscape decoders or DIAS Solenoid decoders
  • True AC 2-wire system
  • Maximum of 24 stations
  • Easy to install, fits in minutes
  • Can use existing field wiring
  • Compact form factor
  • Cost effective

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