AquaLink Transmitter

The AquaLink telemetry unit provides a fully approved telemetry solution for remote water metering. AquaLink is an approved LID device for Water NSW Non Urban metering applications. The AquaLink mounts inside the flow meter housing and operates from the common power supply. A small puck antenna provides coverage in most areas or options for larger gain external collinear or yagi directional antenna provide coverage in more remote areas that have poor Telstra coverage.

AquaLink transmitter

The AquaLink telemetry unit fulfills requirements across a broad range of applications and remote locations. The AquaLink Transmitter is pre-installed for new applications. Retrofit kits are also available for existing flow meters.

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  • Telstra NBIOT connected
  • Embedded SIM card
  • Remotely configurable: over the air recording interval, offset, scaling, factor, sending interval
  • Firmware upgrades over the air (FOTA)
  • Solar powered
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia


  • Over the air firmware downloads over SSL
  • AES encrypted firmware image file
  • Data transferred over encrypted connection SSL/TSL
  • Multi-level tamper protection
  • Non-removable data storage
  • Hardware encryption of parameters and credentials


The integral AquaLink and I500 transmitter has multiple tamper defenses. Only the Aquamonix flow meter with fully integrated AquaLink telemetry module inside, provides the robust tamper resistance to detect and protect critical water data for landholders and regulatory agencies.

Product warranty: 1 year warranty
Pulse/digital inputs (2): Switch and pulse modes, -0.3v to 3.5v, Max pulse rate: 1,000Hz
Protocols: MQTT, MQTTS
LTE antenna: Internal/external SMA (antenna not included)
Log interval – Min: 10 seconds
Send interval – Min: 5 minutes
Operating temperature: -20oC to 70oC
Power supply: Integrated with flowmeter – either mains power or solar

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