RIC Radio Remote Control

Automatic Irrigation through RiC Module (Remote Irrigation Controller) is a reliable solar powered, wireless system that can be used as an extension to an Aquamonix Hybrid Controller or networked to the Aquamonix Central Control System. This is great for solar farming to optimally use energy and as an Automatic Irrigation controller it plays a major role.

The RiC Module is a networked satellite module that uses solar power to operate DC Latching outputs, to operate valves, or relays to start/stop pumps and engines. It gives productive results in operating

The Aquamonix RiC uses a spread spectrum, licence free radio bandwidth, providing a stable communications network. Each RiC can be configured as a Base, Repeater or Satellite unit allowing long distances to be covered and multiple network clusters established.

The Aquamonix RiC Module is suitable for many applications and is typically used for,

  • Municipal Park Irrigation
  • Golf Course Irrigation
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Vineyard Irrigation
  • Traffic Islands
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Dust suppression Systems
  • Pump Start
  • Engine Control
  • Tank Fill

Whatever your application there is an Aquamonix Controller to suit your requirements.  Consult the Control Solutions Product Guide for standard formats, special builds are available on request for smart irrigation. Or click here  to contact us.



  • Solar Powered
  • 8 Latching Outputs
  • 2 Pulse Inputs
  • Frequency Hopping Radio 


  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Easy to Use
  • Long term reliability

Solar Input Voltage: 0-30 VDC

Battery Input Voltage: 415 VDC

Minimum Charge Voltage: 16.5 VDC

Digital Outputs: 12VDC Latching

Range: Up to 5km point to point

Operating Temperature: -20-60°C

  • Snap Lock Connectors

  • Water flow meters

  • iC Rain (Part No. PS10.X)

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