TW Series Sensor

Tonick sensor decoders operate on the 2-wire path and relay simple sensor information back to the controller, features include,

  • Heavy duty, fully potted construction.
  • A multi-coloured LED that provides feedback, reducing troubleshooting time.
  • Compatible with all Tonick based 2-wire controllers and converters.
  • Can operate with TK, DIAS and TW Classic and TW N/T decoders.
  • No grounding necessary along the 2Wire path.
  • Built-in powerful protection from Lightning surges.
  • Can re-use existing wiring, will tolerate earth leakage on 2-wire path.
  • Standard range includes
    o Volumetric Soil moisture
    o Flow (pulse & frequency)
    o Pressure and Level
    o SDI-12
    o 4-20mA
  • Specialised sensors available.
  • Re-addressable.

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