Sensors and Actuators

At Aquamonix, we are continuously working towards developing industry-leading and innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We understand the saying “if it can be measured, it can be managed”, which is why we have developed a range of sensors and actuators to complement our management platforms.

Our range of sensors and actuators work together to adjust water flow based on data collected. They are designed to work with simple or complex control systems to help save water, increase productivity, and be more cost effective.

Our range of sensors include –

  • Flow Sensors
  • Pressure and Level Sensors
  • Soil and Weather Sensors

Our range of actuators include –

  • Valves and Solenoids
  • Tools and Fault Finding

Our sensors and actuators use a range of communication methods to allow for wired or wireless communications.

Aquamonix have developed the world’s best technology to bring a range of application specific irrigation technology solutions to the market.

Aquamonix offers bolt on technology that fits to third party management systems or can offer tailored solutions for a turnkey package.