Emflux Magnetic Flowmeters

Flow Measurement

The Emflux Flowmeter is designed for long term unattended deployment in harsh applications.  They are based on the well-proven electromagnetic method of flow measurement, by applying Faraday’s law as the principle of operation.


Aquamonix Flowmeters are a full-bore Flowmeter with no moving parts or flow obstructions.  They provide superior accuracy over a wide operating range, with little to no pressure loss.  Their robust construction allows them to be installed in a variety of applications including buried service or above ground in horizontal or vertical orientation.

  • All Meters are wet flow calibrated and supplied with an individual calibration certificate.
  • The meters are National Measurement Institute (NMI) certified to measure flow rates from as low as 0.2 l/s – up to well over 10 000 l/s. (860 ML/Day)
  • Meters can be supplied in both flanged style or in Pit or Insert Style in sizes from 50mm up to 1500mm.
  • Flanged Meters are available in both steel body (Model 1060 and 2060 range) and plastic body (Model 2020 range) to suit a wide range of metering applications.
  • Flangeless flow meters (2030 range) are ideal for pits for end mount and pipe insert applications and offer significant cost saving in irrigation installations.


Watch our video below to see How the Model 2030 series flangeless meters are used in Irrigation projects.

1060 - Kanin-01

1060 Steel Body Flowmeter

The Emflux Series 1060 flow meter is a micro-controller based full bore type electromagnetic flow meter for use in a wide range of applications. This flow meter accurately measures the...

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Electromagnetic Flowmeter

2020 ABS-Body Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The 2020 ABS-Body Electromagnetic Flowmeter, coupled with the I500 or M500 flow transmitters are ideally suited to accurately measure the flow rate of a wide variety of conductive process liquids including...

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Irrigation Flowmeter

2030 Irrigation Flowmeter

The Aquamonix 2030 Irrigation Flowmeter is designed to meet the specific requirements of open channel irrigation schemes. It is a high-performance meter for farm offtakes. The 2030 Stainless Steel-bodied Electromagnetic...

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Electromagnetic Flowmeter

2060 Steel Body Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The 2060 steel-bodied Electromagnetic flowmeter detectors offer the strength and durability of steel with a choice of chemical or abrasive resistant liners. The flow detectors are designed for a wide...

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