Emflux Flowmeter Transmitters

Flow Meters

Aquamonix’s water flowmeter transmitters work together with flow detectors to provide display and output of flow measurement of any conductive fluid.

They are based on the well-proven electromagnetic method of flow measurement, by applying Faraday’s law as the principle of operation.

They have no moving parts or restriction of flow during measurement, use an enhanced diagnostic and alarm function, feature a large multiple-line backlit LCD display with a user-configurable logging interval for flow data and diagnostic table and so much more.

Our water flowmeter transmitters are available in both solar and battery powered options. Our mains powered water flow transmitters are ideally suited to water and wastewater treatment plants, mining, and general industry, and our solar-powered transmitters are best suited to remote installations.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

M500 Electromagnetic Flowmeter – Environmental Monitoring Systems

The M500 Electromagnetic Flowmeter has been developed to meet the demanding requirements for accurate metering of process and mining fluid supplies but is equally at home in other water supply...

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water flow transmitter

I500 Electromagnetic Water Flow Transmitter

The i500 Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a no compromises, high accuracy, high capability, bullet-proof water flow transmitter and wastewater measurement device. It complies with the new Australian Standard AS/NZS 4747:2013 -...

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