Rainfall,Weather & Flooding

Aquamonix is the leading provider of remote monitoring and control systems for advanced notice of extreme weather events and public alerting systems to keep communities safe.

We work closely with our customers and authorities to provide telemetered solutions that reliably monitor rainfall, weather and river conditions in real time, to deliver critical warnings which enable faster response times.

Here’s what we can offer:

Remote site monitoring for:

  • Extreme weather events: storms, cyclones, droughts
  • Heavy rainfall, lightning detection, flash flood events
  • Hail, snowfall, snowmelt
  • River levels, flow velocity and discharges
  • Stormwater, drainage and overflow events in urban areas
  • Ocean & tidal conditions
  • Dam levels, flood structures
  • Flood inundation, backwater
  • Remote cameras for visual confirmation of local conditions

Communications Systems

  • Radio (low power VHF, high power UHF & Microwave)
  • Mobile & cellular phone networks
  • Satellite modems – for true global coverage

Warning & Response Systems

  • Automated data analysis and forecast modelling
  • Automatic alarms via electronic communication
  • Local warning stations such as sirens, flood gates & warning signs
Aquamonix - Rainfall, Weather and Flooding
Aquamonix - Rainfall
Aquamonix - Weather
Aquamonix - Flood

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