Shire of Esperance migrates RainMAN SCADA to the cloud.

RainMan Scada

About the Shire of Esperance

Remote and utterly breathtaking, the port town of Esperance has a coastline that would rival any in the world. Bright white beaches with powdery sand meet the placid ocean and endless islands, and in nearby remote areas kangaroos regularly come to laze on the white sand. With a population of more than 12,000 and boasting beautiful turfed beachfronts, streetscapes, and playing fields, Esperance is a popular tourist destination, and efficient irrigation management is a key to keeping the town beautifully Green and Lean!

Existing Technology

A RainMAN Operator since 1999, the Shire recently undertook a complete migration of the SCADA Central Control System to the cloud, completely separating it from the council’s IT infrastructure.

Shire of Esperance Control System

  • RainMAN SCADA Central Control System
  • Access via Smart device
  • 30+ RainMAN RTU’s for advanced irrigation management
  • Multiple pump management sites
  • Wastewater reuse
  • Drainage management
  • ET Weather station

RainMAN Cloud Solution

The RainMAN SCADA System was migrated across to the cloud seamlessly by the Aquamonix team in Perth with the existing system running in parallel until the new version was deployed, resulting in no lost time for the operator.

Many operators are choosing to move to RainMAN Cloud SCADA as it offers key future-proofing of their irrigation management asset. Some of the key features are…,

  • Full SCADA capabilities
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Optional Data SIM management
  • Latest management software
  • Scalable for growing requirements
  • Many IT issues are mitigated
  • Annual upgrades and refurbishment of Central Control Software
  • Ease of access with remote smart device
  • Ongoing support and training

The Shire of Esperance is now looking to expand their RainMAN Central Control to further increase the compliance management and irrigation efficiency of their networks in addition to looking at energy efficiency opportunities lighting and other systems in years to come.

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