Coastal, Marine & Estuary

costal-solutions-imageMarine ecosystems are one of the most fragile on the planet and can suffer environmental stresses when not effectively monitored and managed.

Monitoring in these marine environments presents specific challenges including protection from climatic extremes, the need for an autonomous power supply and back to base communication systems. We work together with our customers accessing their requirements and are able to provide them with long term reliable, accurate water quality data and hydrographic information.


  • Coastal, estuary, river, lake & dam monitoring
  • Tidal monitoring (water depth, current velocity, wave height & direction)
  • Pollutant monitoring and alarming including oil spills and loading incidents
  • Early detection of algal blooms and fish kill events
  • Illegal or unscheduled ship ballast water discharges
  • Marine vessel position tracking systems
  • Port & harbour operations  (docking, dredging, loading & security)
  • Real time monitoring and alarms for weather & sea conditions


  • Mooring system and anchor designed to suit local conditions
  • Self-contained solar panel and/or wind generator power supply
  • Physical and nutrient water quality monitoring systems
  • Current velocity, wave height and direction
  • Navigation, security and vessel tracking systems
  • Communications via mobile, cellular, satellite and radio
  • GPS locator device to provide location, security
  • Complete solutions from design & supply through to deployment & servicing

Aquamonix offers a complete range of floating buoy stations for coastal, lake, river and pond monitoring, as well as fixed stations for ports, harbours and inland waterways.

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Solution Offerings

The Aquamonix COASTAL SERIES are complete monitoring solutions ready for deployment in three specialized versions to suit the range of coastal applications.

Flexible monitoring system for Weather, Water Quality and Tidal data from fixed platforms such as jetty or piers or other fixed structures such as rigs or navigation beacons.

Stable and compact floating platforms for inland lakes and waterways and protected estuary areas. Suitable for short or long term deployment for monitoring a wide range of water quality and hydrometric data.

Purpose designed compact floating stations for inland lakes and protected water ways. A wide range of sensors can be incorporated to provide monitoring of local water quality & weather conditions.