Our expertise extends from the design, supply and installation of environmental monitoring systems, through to the provision of experienced engineers, hydrographers and field teams to support the long-term operation, maintenance and data management requirements. Our products and services integrate with each other – we combine hardware and our inhouse expertise to deliver a customised end to end solution, measure, monitor and master your water infrastructure with ease.

design-and-installationSystems Include:

  • Flood Warning Systems / Cameras / Flashing Signs
  • Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Automated Sampling Systems
  • Ground Water Monitoring
  • Dam Monitoring and Profiling Sampling
  • Automated Weather Stations
  • Coastal and Port Monitoring Buoys
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring Dust and Air Quality Monitoring
  • Pipeline monitoring and leak detection
  • Water Infrastructure management



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Case Studies

Aquamonix is the recognized global provider of integrated environmental monitoring systems and consulting services providing turnkey solutions for national and international funding agencies, government utilities, power authorities and mining companies.

With diverse knowledge, expertise and experience, Aquamonix can advise, design and implement monitoring systems of any scale.

We pride ourselves on providing project owners, operators and/or environmental consultants with reliable, cost effective solutions to meet their requirements for baseline, statutory compliance and operational data.

Continuous research, product development and testing ensure we stay on the cutting edge of communications and monitoring technology. This results in the provision of reliable, accurate and durable system installations, regardless of the nature and/or remoteness of the site.