Operations & Maintenance

Our expertise extends from the design and installation of environmental monitoring systems, through to the provision of experienced engineers, hydrographers and field teams to support the long term operation, maintenance and data management requirements.

We have experienced, ready-to-deploy field teams that are fully trained and certified to repair, calibrate and maintain your monitoring network.

With remote support for on-site staff, we ensure that any issues are promptly addressed and that monitoring sites continue to operate at the highest possible standard.

We pride ourselves on providing project owners, operators and/or environmental consultants with reliable, cost effective solutions to meet their requirements for baseline, statutory compliance and operational data.


operations-and-maintenanceOperation and Maintenance Tasks:

  • Calibration/verification of sensors
  • In field repairs/modifications as required
  • Solar/battery tests
  • Telemetry through put testing
  • Upgrading software/firmware
  • Download/back up logger data
  • General site maintenance
  • Calibration and service report generation

Systems Supported:

  • Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Automated Sampling Systems
  • Ground Water Monitoring Stations
  • Dam Monitoring and Profiling Sampling
  • Automated Weather Stations
  • Coastal and Port Monitoring Buoys
  • Flood Warning Systems / Cameras / Flashing Signs
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring Dust and Air Quality Monitoring