Surface water & Groundwater

surface-water-solutionsAquamonix is the leading provider of remote monitoring & control systems for managing the sustainable use of our most critical finite resource, water.

Our team of specialists can help you understand and quantify surface and ground water supplies, and quality ensuring optimal use. Wherever water is used for consumption, or released back into natural ecosystems, Aquamonix’s experience in the monitoring of quantity, quality and availability will assist you in in achieving long term sustainability.


  • Water level, velocity and discharge determination
  • Physical, chemical and biological water quality monitoring
  • Automated sampling systems for detailed water quality analysis
  • Permanent or mobile monitoring stations
  • Direct contact wet sensors or pumped flow through non-contact systems
  • Surface water & groundwater resource monitoring networks
  • Water level, storage volume, flow rate, releases & overflows
  • Water Quality – background, baseline and event based sampling
  • Environmental compliance monitoring and reporting