Aquamonix Emflux flowmeters approved for Victorian urban water market  

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has endorsed a range of Aquamonix Emflux electromagnetic flowmeters, deeming them suitable to be quoted and sold for Victorian urban and drinking water usage! This is a fantastic achievement and a huge opportunity for Aquamonix Emflux and Envirada, with strategies for penetrating this vast new market being the next step forward.

This endorsement covers the entire Greater Western Water (GWW) licensed area. Accordingly, the products involved will be uploaded onto the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) website. What’s more, Aquamonix Emflux is the only Australian-made flow meter supplier listed, meaning there is strong potential to make profitable relationships with councils and water authorities.


                                                                                         Greater Western Water Licensed Area


This feat was engineered by our remarkable Aquamonix Emflux sales department, who worked very hard producing a dossier showing that the Aquamonix 1060 and 2060 products are suitable for urban water usage. The key points the dossier covered include:

  • The variety of present applications of the Emflux 2060 and 1060 sensors
  • The extensive range of Australian water agencies Aquamonix Emflux already supplies
  • The exceptionally low percentage of error in flow measurements


Specific Product Information

The products that were endorsed by TAG have the following specifications:


EMFLUX2060 flow sensor and M500 Transmitter

Remote version, DN 50 to DN 1000

Accuracy +/- 0.5%

Flow sensor IP68 and Transmitter IP68

Flow velocity range 0.01 to 10 m/s

Power supply 240V AC or 12-24V DC options



EMFLUX1060 flow sensor and I500 Transmitter 

Remote version, DN 50 to DN 300

Accuracy +/- 0.5%

Flow sensor IP68 and Transmitter IP67

Flow velocity range 0.01 to 10 m/s

12 – 24VDC with solar charging


Our Vision

From this endorsement, there is strong growth potential for further endorsements.

Aquamonix salesman Darren Humphis, who was heavily involved in the urban approval process, said, “Now that we have this approval it will be much easier to approach various other regional municipal water authorities.”

Once Aquamonix Emflux is established in the Victorian urban market, we will also be broadening the scope across Australia – starting with Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.