500mm Emflux Meter and RainMAN SCADA Central Control System part of Perth SMART CITY project

Emflux Meter & RainMAN SCADA

The Smart Irrigation project required the replacement of old traditional irrigation systems with RainMAN Smart Controllers and SCADA based Central Control System being integrated into the City of Perth’s live management systems. Smart Sustainability further enhances this environmental monitoring through…

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Shire of Esperance migrates RainMAN SCADA to the cloud.

RainMan Scada

About the Shire of Esperance Remote and utterly breathtaking, the port town of Esperance has a coastline that would rival any in the world. Bright white beaches with powdery sand meet the placid ocean and endless islands, and in nearby remote areas kangaroos regularly come to laze on the white sand. With a population of…

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