What we do

We are the leading specialists in water quality, cloud-based data management, and irrigation automation and monitoring. Our bespoke products are ideal for accurate water measurement, efficient irrigation, and the reduction of environmental harm.

At Aquamonix, we believe in a more sustainable future and strive towards this using market leading technology platforms. We keep our customers at the forefront of all business decisions and aim to deliver the right individual solution first time, every time.

Aquamonix has an installed base with more than 30,000 operating flowmeters, 1,000 operating depth or quality sensors and 5,000 irrigation controllers or other devices. Our team are experts in the field and have over 200 years of combined experience.


Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia.  This means that our clients benefit from products which are engineered to solve Australian problems, we have a simple domestic supply chain minimising lead times and we can support our products to the most complex level with our local sales, support and engineering teams.

Our flagship range of flow meters is Australian designed and made in our factory based in Sydney.

The Aquamonix RainMAN Controls is our original central control system. It is superior in irrigation automation and asset management

Tonick is widely recognised as the premier global innovator and manufacturer of decoder technology for two-wire irrigation systems.

A cloud-based data collection and management platform allowing you to access your data from wherever and whenever you like.


Aquamonix Solutions is a leading provider of innovative environmental monitoring and control solutions, delivering engineered and trusted systems across four core disciplines: environmental, disaster, irrigation, data and analytics.

From concept design to data driven control and warnings, our focus is on undersanding you needs, crafting bespoke solutions and delivering service reliability.

We help governments, industry and the community understand the impact of their activities on the environment and fulfil their environmental protection and compliance requirements.

We empower you to prepare, manage, and respond to natural disasters. When the time comes to stand up, Aquamonix Solutions ensures you have the data and insights on hand to make time critical decisions.

Aquamonix have you covered with a range of irrigation technologies available ensuring accurate measurement of your water take. Our range ensures accurate and precise distribution of your water and accurate agronomy through modelling your soil moisture balance.

Aquamonix is the leading provider of secure cloud based and local data management solutions. ENVAULT is our data and analytics platform providing highly secure and critical data solutions to meet the specific needs of government agencies, mining, industry, and environmental regulators.