Customising your control systems can help you get the most out of your irrigation system, saving you costs, water, and time.

At Aquamonix we have an extensive range of accessories to integrate with our RainMAN and or Tonick control systems. These include:

  • A range of sensors including flow sensors, pressure sensors, soil moisture sensors and weather station sensors. Our range of sensors work together with your control system to adjust water flow based on data collected. They are designed to work with simple or complex control systems to help save water, increase productivity, and be more cost effective.
  • Valves and actuators designed to be used with a wide range of applications in irrigation, water treatment, and HVAC systems.
  • Rainmag Flowmeters that are accurate and reliable water flow and have a unique form factor allowing them to fit in tight spots.
  • Wired and wireless communications systems.

Not only are our range of accessories robust and reliable, they’re also available for you at a competitive price. Get in touch to find out how our accessories can complement your control systems.

Tonick’s range of Smart Sensors are designed for use with our range of 2-wire and wireless systems, and can be used to bring valuable data back to the Control System via the wired or wireless path.

Using the right communication technology for your applications is in integral part for successful irrigation systems. Our equipment can be operated with a range of wired and wireless communications.