The RainMAN Central Control platform is a customised and powerful Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software (SCADA) based distributed control system. This smart irrigation management solution has been improving water control and management in Australia for nearly 25 years.

Locally developed and made for Australian applications, RainMAN Central Control platform provides a reliable, centralised, and remote irrigation control environment. It collects real time data from all irrigation and water system equipment enabling accurate operation and monitoring. It also provides performance analysis of all connected infrastructure including pump stations, water storage and filtration or water treatment systems.

It’s capable of managing small standalone and large systems with more than 500 locations with 100s of points at each location. Installing the correct SCADA Central Control system saves you time and money by minimising error and wastage.

RainMAN SCADA is user friendly and can be hosted in various formats, including -

  • Locally hosted – connect a suitable laptop or PC directly into a controller to enable a base for wider networks
  • Networked – run the RainMAN CCS on a rack mounted or virtual machine
  • Cloud-based – the RainMAN CCS can be run as a cloud-based system
  • Remote access - RainMAN CCS can be accessed remotely using the app or secure access system

Aquamonix offers both targeted bolt on technology to act as edge devices or a tailored solution providing the complete package

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RainMAN X Internet Controller

The RainMAN X combines powerful and proven technology making RainMAN controllers the first choice for professional irrigation managers for over twenty years. It is simple to use with web based...

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central control

Rainman Master Central Control

The Aquamonix Rainman Master Central System is a powerful PC based management system with central control that provides advanced programming and management, equipment control, compliance and cost reporting and input...

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Rainman Controller

The RainMan Controller is a versatile RTU that allows for multiple control methods. It can be stand alone or networked to the RainMan SCADA Central Control System. It has the...

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