Aquamonix was founded in November 2015 following the acquisition of three businesses from Pentair.  The businesses were all engaged in smart product manufacture serving the water industry namely:

  • Electromagnetic flowmeters (EMFLUX)
  • Depth, pressure and water quality sensors (Greenspan Analytical)
  • Irrigation control systems (Micro Control Engineering)

The vision of the business owners was to re-invigorate these businesses and refocus their energies on innovation and meeting their customers’ needs.  The owners are all long term executives from the water industry and have a deep passion for Australian businesses serving this critical industry.

The Aquamonix business has an installed base with more than 20,000 operating flowmeters, 1,000 operating depth or quality sensors and 5,000 irrigation controllers or other devices.  Our team are experts in these fields of endeavour and we have over 200 years of combined experience.

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