Aquamonix wins major meter supply contract for GMW Water Efficiency Project

Aquamonix Emflux is pleased to have been selected to supply flow meters for the Goulburn Murray Water (GMW)

Water Efficiency Project (WEP).






Following the success of the GMW Connections Project, which delivered 429 gigalitres of water savings, GMW has

begun work on a $177.5 million WEP modernisation project which is funded by the Commonwealth Government.

WEP will involve installation of over 1000 of the Australian made Aquamonix EMFLUX Magnetic Flow Meters to

deliver an additional 15.9 gigalitres of water savings to the region. The EMFLUX meters provide accurate and reliable

water metering and operational improvements to minimise the need for water buybacks. The project commenced

with a Winter Works package in 2021 and is expected to run until 2023. In particular, the WEP project incorporates

an innovative new custom designed End Insert Meter to retrofit into new or existing farm outlets.









Design of the Aquamonix Emflux Flow Meter used


The End Insert Meter can be installed into new or existing delivery pipework. The GMW Connections team have

commented, “The EMFLUX End Insert Meters from Aquamonix provide a cost-effective metering solution to

minimise site fabrication and civil works”.