Gatekeeper delivers irrigation modernisation for Hay PID

On the 17th of May this month, the Aquamonix team attended the official opening of the Hay PID irrigation modernisation iniative.  The Hon Sussan Ley, MP, member for Farrar opened the new $10.2M fully automated irrigation scheme which delivers water to over 150 outlets.  The funding for the scheme was provided under the federal government’s PIIOP scheme designed to deliver irrigation modernisation works in NSW.  The opening was covered extensively in the local newspaper, The Riverine Grazier and reported on the Hon Sussan Ley’s website.

The press coverage was glowing with respect to the benefits that irrigation modernisation had delivered to the local area.   Ross Headon talked about the way he had reduced water losses by as much as 25% and had received three waterings this autumn whereas in prior years, at the end of the line, this was never possible. Tom Jarrat explained that substantial savings could be made in channel maintenance, metering compliance and opportunities for mosquito breeding.  The system is environmentally sustainable using solar panels for the majority of pumping and electrical requirements.

It was all made possible by an Aquamonix Gatekeeper control system and our EMFLUX flow meters.  They provide the electronic nerve centre of the automated scheme.  We also worked closely with our local partner in Crightons Engineering who delivered the civil works.  The system was repeatedly referred to as being state-of-the-art technology which allowed fully automated water delivery from the press of a button on a mobile phone.  Phone applications link to centralised SCADA control which link to devices in the field to control and monitor the flow of water through the pipelines.

The Hay PID has now joined numerous other Australian irrigation districts in using the Gatekeeper controls platform to provide real-time water control.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss your irrigation modernisation requirements.

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