High range EC measurement

Aquamonix recently designed, built and delivered custom EC sensors for the SA Government.  These sensors are unique in that they have the capability to measure a very high range EC (electrical conductivity).  They have a range of 0 – 200,000 uS/cm.  Electrical conductivity of these levels are only found in hypersaline water.  Where do you find such hypersaline water you may ask?  In water bodies which have suffered some significant environmental degradation!

These high range EC sensors are measuring water quality for a long term project to restore the health of the Coorong in South Australia.  The hypersalinity has developed as a result of reduced fresh water inflows while normal tidal inflows and evaporation have continued.  In the absence of any significant freshwater events, the Coorong rarely opens to the sea meaning that the salinity has the potential to continually increase.

Fortunately, efforts are being made to reverse the degradation that has occurred.  The SA Government has a significant project underway called the South East Flows Restoration Project (SEFRP).  Significant changes to existing drainage channels and environmental flows are in progress which should improve the amount of freshwater flowing to the Coorong.  While it will take many years for this change to occur, the Aquamonix sensors stationed at key points in the Coorong will be there to measure the improvements in water quality for the years to come.

If you have a problem that requires high range EC measurement, please get in touch as we would love to help out.  While this situation required the measurement of up to 200,000 uS/cm, in the past, we have also built sensors capable of measuring up to 300,000 uS/cm.


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