500mm Emflux Meter and RainMAN SCADA Central Control System part of Perth SMART CITY project

The Smart Irrigation project required the replacement of old traditional irrigation systems with RainMAN Smart Controllers and SCADA based Central Control System being integrated into the City of Perth’s live management systems.
Smart Sustainability further enhances this environmental monitoring through the deployment of a series of water and air quality sensors across greater Perth.
Newly installed irrigation sensors will utilise predicted weather forecasts and soil moisture readings to automatically adjust watering.
“As our climate becomes hotter and drier, we must become smarter about our water use. By using the latest available technology, we can be more systematic, efficient and cost effective while keeping our City looking its best without wasting this important and limited resource” A City of Perth spokesman said.
Accurately measuring and exporting flow data
Originally specked as an imported brand of meter, the RainMAN team used their relationship with the City of Perth and its contractors to use the Australian made Emflux meter instead.
Seamlessly integrated to the RainMAN RTU, flow data from the Emflux Magflo Meter is reported to the RainMAN CCS Compliance Monitoring Package to ensure that the customers water allocation is well managed.
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Emflux Meter & RainMAN SCADA Emflux Meter & RainMAN SCADA


Real-time monitoring of structures during construction

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