Aquamonix partners with Swan Systems for SA Water schools project

Aquamonix RainMan Systems

We are proud to announce that Aquamonix has recently partnered with SWAN Systems who have just launched their System Suggested Irrigation “SSI” module. This has major potential for creating a broad range of opportunities to integrate an autonomous scheduling service across many of the world’s leading irrigation controllers.

This project is the first SSI application with South Australia’s water authority SA Water, with the initial focus of the joint project being on schools across South Australia. There are enormous opportunities to reduce watering costs by using a combination of smart technology, precision agronomy and sophisticated hardware.  The economic advantages of lower water and power charges combined with the environmental outcomes of conserving previous resources and reducing nutrient leaching delivers benefits to many stakeholders.

“Aquamonix is very pleased to be involved in this project as we see great opportunity to leverage precision software with our market leading irrigation controller to provide cost and efficiency benefits to users.  We are always excited about any opportunity to improve water efficiency!” stated Wayne Evans Co-founder and Director of Aquamonix.

SA Water’s head of Business Development Mr Greg Ingleton is also excited about the prospects of delivering real benefits and stated “SA Water is committed to providing smart solutions across the irrigation sector and we see SWAN’s combination of technical capability and industry expertise as a significant step forward in this objective”.

SWAN’s CEO Tim Hyde also made mention of the unequivocal benefit of reducing water wastage.  “The progression of SWAN’s capability to now automate and feed back to the irrigation controller is a huge step for the business. We are focused on delivering tangible value to our users which is clearly relevant to SA schools given the average cost of watering a school in Adelaide of around $40,000 and overwatering of up to 30% is common place”.

Aquamonix is Australias leading manufacturer of water management solutions across a broad range of irrigation and water monitoring enterprises from farming through to public parks, sporting ovals and golf courses.  We are the manufacturer of the popular RainMAN Irrigation Control System

For more information on the RainMAN Irrigation Control System and its integration possibilities, please contact our sales team on 1300 797 246 or email [email protected]


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