Aquamonix to play a key role in Darlington Bridge move

Our Aquamonix Integrated Solutions team are gearing up to take part in one of their most complex projects to date.

The $620 million Darlington Upgrade Project is another import ant stage in the delivery of Adelaide’s North South Corridor. One of the key elements of this project is the construction of two 180m-long, 3000 tonne bridges which have been built “off-site” and will be transported and manoeuvred into their final position via Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs).

This method of bridge construction is common place throughout Europe and the Americas however, Australia has never used SPMTs in the Infrastructure sector before to install a fully completed structure. This is an innovative and exciting milestone for the state and Australia.

So how is Aquamonix involved? Well, we are taking our Measure, Monitor, Master model to a new level with this project by providing the monitoring of the two structures during their relocation. We have installed a series of strain gauges, lasers and tilt sensors to measure and monitor the bridge during transportation. The data collected from these sensors is reported via a website in near real time, providing the customer with a complete asset monitoring solution.

The first bridge is scheduled to be installed over the weekend of 24-27 November and the
Aquamonix team are excited to be part of this Australian first!


Aquamonix instrumental in ‘Darlington Project Upgrade’

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