The Aquamonix of Things comes to life in Dubai!

Aquamonix is excited to share our first commercial AquaSphere installation using the new RainWAN nodes.

Our UAE distributor, Mahamoud Ramadan from Gulf Water Management Solutions specified our technology into the technology hub Silicon Park, established by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, in the United Arab Emirates.

The park spans an area of 150,000 square metres and is set to become the first smart city project to take shape at Dubai Silicon Oasis.  Due for completion in 2019, the park has been designed to comply with the Dubai Government’s strategic smart city direction and will offer commercial and residential spaces with an innovative edge.

Aligned with the smart city’s initiative, the AquaSphere installation will help to Measure, Monitor and Master Silicon Park’s extensive irrigation network.

The system is based on the Aquamonix Hybrid Platform and features solar powered controllers connected to the RainMan Central Control system which also reports data back to the Dubai Silicon Park control centre via the BMS system.

The Hybrid is fitted with a RainWAN Base node to enable AquaSphere creating a secure bidirectional control and monitoring network around each controller.

Irrigation master valves and field valves are wirelessly connected to the system by remote RainWAN nodes, which also read flow meters and system pressure.

The Silicon Park control centre collects, and analyses data and information gathered through the sensor devices available at the project’s site. The compiled information will serve to operate and manage these devices in a seamless manner to ensure the delivery of best smart services to employees, residents and visitors.


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