Aquamonix proudly welcomes the ‘City of Perth’ to the RainMAN family!

As technology advances in our society, cities are digitally evolving to create operational efficiencies, better communication of information and to improve the overall wellbeing of our communities and government. In a wider context, these are known as ‘smart cities’!

One of Australia’s lead irrigation professionals Total Eden Group were selected by the City of Perth to deliver a new Centralised Irrigation Management System as part of the federally funded ‘Smart Cities Collaboration Market Place’ program. This project will essentially enable the city and its partners to collaborate and exchange ideas and data to evolve and scale technologies amid the city’s bright future!

Once completed, the project will feature a city-wide smart irrigation control and monitoring system in public parks, and a smart precinct project around the new Perth Stadium and various other infrastructures.

The RainMAN SCADA based Central Control Platform from Aquamonix was chosen to deliver the desired outcomes in optimising and improving the City of Perth’s irrigation system.

The RainMAN SCADA solution involves:

  • High quality data collection from sensor network
  • Flexible communications options or the system (future proofing)
  • Flexible in-field connections (24VAC, 2-wire decoders, wireless or a mix of all)
  • Hot swap out of 107 field control sites
  • Integration of pump stations
  • Expandability of SCADA based system
  • Ongoing development and support (Australian based)

We are very excited to partner with Total Eden Group and the City of Perth on this innovative project.

Stay tuned as the project rolls out over the next few weeks!


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