The RainMAN takes control!

Australia’s leading irrigation professional Total Eden Group have taken the rollout of the City of Perth project to the next level!

Throughout the city, they are in the process of replacing existing control systems in over 100 sites. The control system will feature the RainMAN, a platform which utilises the latest innovation and technology in irrigation control management systems.

A ‘’hot swap-out’’, the existing control system is being replaced with brand new  RainMAN RTU’s and are being connected to the City of Perth’s RainMAN SCADA Irrigation Control Management System (ICCMS). These  are pre-configured in Aquamonix’s  Perth facitily before they are released for deployment to ensure no missed irrigation windows during this very busy and dry time of the year.

The new system utilises the next G cellular communications network, meaning the controllers are online as soon as they are powered up and can be accessed by the city of Perth operators immediately via the RainMAN app.

We are looking forward to the next step of this great project!

RainMAN – 25 years of irrigation innovation.


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Aquamonix deploys new innovative wireless irrigation control in the city of Perth!