Helping Hay to Deliver Smart Water

hay-pidIn Dec 2016, Hay Private Irrigation District (PID) engaged Aquamonix to design, supply and commission a fully automated water delivery system for the district’s 112 farm water outlet points.  The system uses intelligent water ordering and billing software which integrates with a range of Aquamonix manufactured equipment.  Upon completion, the system will ultimately help our customer to deliver water in a modern and efficient manner.

Key features of the system include:

  • Two way communications to the districts irrigation outlet points to receive inputs from a water meter, and control to a delivery valve.
  • Integration of pump controllers for system management and communication of system warnings.
  • The ability to accept external water orders and create a suitable schedule of delivery based on ordering sequences and network delivery capacity limitations and protocols.
  • Automatic generation of customer billing and data reporting on quarterly basis.

The project utilises products and project integration capabilities from across the Aquamonix group and has been an exciting and worthy challenge for all our key business units to combine and deliver a solution that rings true with our core objective to Measure, Monitor and Master.

With all equipment deliveries now complete, our teams are progressing through the field commissioning phase over the next few weeks.

To learn more about how we can solve your water management problems, call us 1300-747-246.

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