Showcasing our Irrigation Control capabilities at Fieldays 2017

Showcasing our Irrigation Control capabilities at Fieldays 2017

Aquamonix teamed up with our partners at Precision Farming to showcase our Irrigation Control and Monitoring capabilities at the NZ Agricultural Fieldays 2017 exhibition.  Fieldays is a massive 4-day event, which attracted over 100,000 visitors and was hosted at the Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton.

Based in NZ, Precision Farming are the leaders in automated reporting of fertiliser applications and compliance.  Dispersal of effluent on dairy farms is a newly introduced compliance metric, to ensure effluent is spread evenly and routinely to prevent runoff events or leaching.

The Aquamonix Emflux electromagnetic flow meters and Hybrid Control units are being teamed up with Precision Farming’s GPS technology to trace the movements of irrigators as they disperse the dairy effluent.

Emflux flow meters have no restriction in the pipeline, no moving parts and their accuracy isn’t affected by changes in water quality – hence making them the perfect choice for dairy effluent flow monitoring.  Aquamonix Hybrid controllers use the latest technology to wirelessly log and transmit the flow data from each meter to the Precision Farming farmer portal.

Farmers will also can add such things as weather stations, soil moisture monitoring or remote tank levels to their Hybrid network and view their data from anywhere via the web.

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