Products and solutions for your secure metering requirements

Secure metering, compliance and efficient water management is an issue that’s on every irrigation operator’s radar at the moment. You can download our Irrigation Operator’s Product and Solution Overview here.

Aquamonix has a range of innovative products and solutions to suit a wide range of applications that will help to Measure, Monitor and Master your water management needs. These include:

Smart meters and sensors to Measure:

  • Water flow & pressure
  • Water quality
  • Water storage
  • Weather & climate
  • Soil moisture
  • Energy

Smart data gateways that use a wide array of communications to connect your sensors to the world to Monitor:

  • Remote monitoring stations
  • Automatic weather stations
  • Web, cellular, radio, satellite
  • LoRa networks
  • Dataloggers

Data engines, SCADA control systems & adaptive software that analyse data and manage and Master your infrastructure:

  • Cloud based data
  • Decision support software
  • Irrigation Central Control
  • Cloud Based mobile apps


Our products and solutions are chosen by Australia’s leading irrigation schemes, municipalities, urban irrigators, resource companies and farmers.

Download our Irrigator’s Product and Solution Overview, talk to us on 1300 797 246 or [email protected] to find out how you can get to know your water better

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Emflux Meter & RainMAN SCADA

500mm Emflux Meter and RainMAN SCADA Central Control System part of Perth SMART CITY project

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